Today is Brain Injury Awareness Day on Capitol Hill!

March 13th is Brain Injury Awareness Day on Capitol Hill.  Today, there will be an awareness fair, a congressional briefing and reception in Washington D.C.  While a presentation of these events would be interesting, until that becomes available, it is good to remember that the whole month of March is federally-designated Brain Injury Awareness Month.  As was last year, the theme of the month is Change Your Mind about brain injury.  Publications have again presented news articles related to brain injury.  (Unfortunately, though, these articles just seem to be reiterating statistics about brain injury, that have been presented an enumerable amount of times, in order to showcase the commonality of the issue.  However, it is good to remember that for many people, brain injury is still an unknown topic – a topic of no interest to them because it doesn’t affect them personally.  However, they need to understand.)

Even if you cannot travel to D.C. for the day’s events, you can still participate.  Various websites note what you can do throughout the month to increase awareness and to learn more yourself.

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