Update: Camps for a Cure

As reported in May 2017 as one of the West Coast facilities being built, the brain injury treatment center for military personnel near Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton will open its doors April 2 .  Operating as part of the Intrepid Spirit system, this is the first such facility to be opened on the West Coast.  Up until now, those in the military who sustain a brain injury in the call of duty generally must receive treatment at one of the 6 Intrepid Spirit centers, none of which is in the section of the country.  As David Winters, president of the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, which funded this project, says, “We know that being able to be close to home, surrounded by loved ones, is a crucial part of the recovery process… so we are opening centers on the West Coast this spring… in order [so] that service members who need treatment do not have to uproot themselves and their families to get it.”  Currently, brain injured soldiers are treated at the Concussion Care Clinic at Camp Pendleton hospital, which was only opened in 2014.  However, this new facility can care for hundreds, if not thousands, of new patients.  (This new brain injury-specific facility will not only treat more soldiers, but will also teach prevention tactics and conduct brain/brain injury research.)

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