Rep. Smucker Joins Congressional Brain Injury Task Force

The Congressional Brain Injury Task Force states that its mission is, “to increase awareness of brain injury in the United States, supports research initiatives for rehabilitation and potential cures, and strives to address the effects such injuries have on families, children, education, and the workforce.”  This seems that it would be a unifying goal, going beyond political partisanship, and for that reason, most states have one or more Congressman serving on the Committee.  At the beginning of this year, Pennsylvania had 5 Congressmen serving as members.  Now, during Brain Injury Awareness Month and just after the Congressional Brain Injury Fair, Rep. Lloyd Smucker (PA-16) joined.  (Congressman Lou Barletta, who represents Carlisle, PA in the 11th district, where the Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania is located, is not a member, though that does not mean that he does nothing to support those with tbi.)  At the moment, Smucker’s website does not mention his involvement with the task force and critics cite his support for and from the NRA as an indication of his disregard for American lives.  However, Smucker is a Congressional Republican, so his support for the NRA should be of no surprise.  He should not be told he cannot help brain injured Americans for that reason.   (More members may mean more ideas and more action from the Committee.)

(Above picture, originally published on March 29, 2018, is courtesy of the Facebook page of the Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania.)

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