Republicans Do Care: John Kasich

John Kasich does not have any known personal experience with disabilities, but as Governor of Ohio he has shown support to the disabled population.  One of the goals of Ohio’s current budget is “Better Support For Ohioans With Disablities”.  To that end, “the budget makes historic new investments to ensure that every Ohioan with a developmental disability who wants to live and work in the community can do so. [His] budget invests $286 million over two years to increase home- and community-based services, support community work opportunities and create new options for individuals who want to leave institutions.” 

In 2012, Kasich signed Executive Order 2012-05K, which launched Ohio’s Employment First program.  (Watch video where Kasich expresses his support for the program.)  The program, a cooperation between seven state government departments, explains well its purpose through its subtitle, “Every Person.  Every Talent.  Every Opportunity.”  Specifically, Employment First helps, “young people with developmental disabilities [learn] about employment options and planning during their school years. Adults with developmental disabilities… have support teams that assist in learning more about how abilities and interests can match opportunities in the workplace.”  Kasich continues to support those with disabilities, as in June, he signed a law that legalized medical marijuana in the state for certain medical conditions, including traumatic brain injury.

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